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"Black Hornet" is an innovative 3D battle royale dungeon crawler, viewed from a third-person perspective. It's a unique fusion of combat mechanics from different game genres: shooter, MMORPG, and traditional fighting. Every dungeon in the game offers a fresh experience with its procedural generation. Players face not just environmental hazards like traps but also formidable foes in the form of mini-bosses, the primary guardian of the dungeon, and competing teams.

Narrative Setting

The game is set within the expansive universe of "Kurai Suzumebachi: Black Hornet Zero Hour." In this multiverse, mythical and legendary creatures are real and are making themselves known. An impending malevolent threat hangs like a dark shadow, pushing these entities to amass defenses. A universe, which houses our own Milky Way, becomes a focal point due to the mysterious appearance of celestial dungeons. Rich in ancient alien technology, magic, and invaluable resources, these dungeons draw attention from beings across dimensions, all united by a common goal: the survival and protection of their species. *

Jon Pierre Yousef

Jon has worked on, designed and made demos for some of the most iconic mobile apps and AAA title games to date.  Just to name a few in his arsenal of experience:  Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, Fortnight and World of Warships. 

Jon's amazing work now expands to the Black Hornet project. You can now show your support by purchasing Black Hornet merchandise here... all designed by the creative mind of Jon Pierre Yousef.

Epic Black Hornet Merch available NOW!

Beyond Gaming - Expanding the Universe

The intellectual property (IP) of Black Hornet isn’t restricted to the gaming sphere alone. Plans are underway for an anime series that dives deep into the lore, further enriching the world and its characters.

Community-Driven Development and Learning Initiative

At its heart, the Black Hornet project is also a unique educational venture. With an ongoing fundraising campaign for the game, the plan is to craft a comprehensive curriculum centered around game design. This project stands out by fostering a direct connection between industry experts and aspiring game developers. The student community doesn't merely learn; they actively contribute to the game's development. Recognizing their effort and creativity, contributors will be acknowledged with co-producer credits upon the game's release.

Here is some amazing art for a glimpse into the game: Black Hornet